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My 60th Birthday In Florida
Muir Woods
An Outdoor Cafe in Vilnius
The Restaurant On The Hill
Our First Meeting
My Cousin Reda Explains Family Photos
The Gates Of Dawn
Open Market
Windy Day At Gediminas Castle
Sharing Letters, Photos And Family History
The Cemetery At Silale
The Church Of St. Francis At Silale
Family Farm
Family Farm House
Carved Wooden Cross
The Hill Of Crosses
My Visit
My Cousin Virginija's Classroom
A Feast Prepared By My Cousin Virginija
My Cousins In Siauliai
Locks Of Love
Dinner At A Chinese Restaurant In Vilnius
Do Blondes Have More Fun?
Romantic Vilnius
A Lithuanian Pizza
B-day Hats
Lithuanian Cousins
Vacys & Luida
A Sunday Picnic